Enquirer returns to traditional newspaper (broadsheet) format

By Beryl Love, Executive Editor

The Enquirer’s print edition returned to a larger, more traditional newspaper format as the new year began.

Why, you ask?

Simple. We are changing locations where the paper is printed ­to Louisville from Columbus. The configuration of the printing presses is different, thus the change to what we call a “broadsheet” format.

You will see the change beginning with our Tuesday edition.

Because of the bigger page size, you may see fewer pages in some editions. But we are not reducing the number of stories. In fact, we’re excited to bring you more news on the front page.

The larger format also includes more options for our advertisers, making it a win across the board.

In Greater Cincinnati, we love our nostalgia, whether it’s the Big Red Machine, Ruth Lyons, Ezzard Charles or, well, even Jerry Springer. It makes us feel good. It’s familiar.

We hope you share our excitement as we return to a traditional broadsheet format.

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