Enrich your pitch with free ads and audience calculator from the Relevance Project

The Relevance Project, in partnership with Metro Creative Graphics and Pulse Research, is offering an exclusive benefit to members of the Newspaper Association Managers, including your Kentucky Press Association.

The complimentary offer further advances the Call to Action categories of advertisers features on the Relevance Project Revenue Resource 2020. It’s an innovative approach to ENRICH THE PITCH!

For five of the Revenue Resource categories — Heating and Air Conditioning Services, Banks, Jewelry Stores, Opticians or Eyeglass Stores, and Continuing Education Services — associations and their members receive AT NO CHARGE access to household buying research presented in a teaser graphic as well as FREE creative services that provide up to 10 options for personalized ads that sales reps can take to potential clients.

The Pulse component features an audience shopping calculator. When you enter your circulation total, you will be amazed at the value of your audience. P.S. So will your local businesses. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are a 2,000-circulation weekly or a 40,000-circulation daily. The household total interested in buying that particular product or service varies with the market size.

So, if you are ready to roll, here’s the process:
Find the LOCAL MARKET ADVERTISING SOLUTIONS box at the bottom of Revenue Resource page. It will take you to the COMPLIMENTARY OFFER. Follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All of the responses were collected by Pulse during the pandemic — a Relevant resource, for sure.

The creative services comes from Metro’s vast library of designs, templates and promotions. It’s impressive when you think of the possibilities that tap Metro’s outstanding talent.

Together, the house data from Pulse and the creative material from Metro are a winning combination. The newspaper industry is fortunate to have such valuable supporters.

For each of the other 10 Call to Action categories, a spec ad is available — again FOR FREE. All you have to do is find it on the offer page and download it.

Learn more here.

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