Enterprise’s Emily Sargent elected secretary of Harlan Chamber of Commerce

Emily Sargent

We don’t know that any records exist to dispute this but it’s possible at age 20, Emily Sargent is the youngest, but certainly one of the youngest, people to serve as a member of a local chamber’s Executive Committee.

Emily, who says her job is “news reporter” but like newspaper folks everywhere the title doesn’t begin to cover everything she does, was recently elected secretary of the Harlan Chamber of Commerce.

Receives Chamber’s Lawson-Hoskins Award

She was recently presented the Harlan Chamber’s Lawson-Hoskins Award for 2020.

‘The Harlan County Chamber of Commerce’s Lawsons-Hoskins Award is not an award that is given every single year. This award is one that comes when an individual, organizations, or business shows exceptional dedication to Harlan County. In an unprecedented year where news is more important than ever, Emily has consistently shown up to cover all of the important stories in Harlan County and delivered them to our community in a timely fashion. Her commitment to Harlan County and the pride that she feels for Harlan County is evident in all of the stories she writes about our beautiful Appalachian community. It has been a tumultuous time for Harlan County among such things as labor strikes, a changing economic climate, a national pandemic, and so much more but you can rely on Emily Sargent to show up and deliver the news for Harlan County.’


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