Ethics around the country: Shows issues aren’t unique to Kentucky

From this month’s Ethics Reporter newsletter put out by the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission, you could read about:

• Alabama legislators kill a bill that would’ve lifted any limits on what lobbyists could give to officials;

• With three new indictments, a federal investigation into political corruption has resulted in charges against more than a dozen government officials (including legislators) and business leaders in Arkansas and Missouri;

• The former Illinois legislative inspector general says her state’s ethics commission is broken because legislators run it (in contrast to Kentucky’s independent commission);

• Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma is recusing himself from votes on casino legislation because his law firm got a contract arranged by a casino owner;

• In South Carolina, a special prosecutor filed new charges in his investigation into State House corruption, which has led to the conviction and removal from office of four powerful state lawmakers.


To read about these issues (and corruption in other state legislatures), subscribe (and it’s free) to the Ethics Reporter. Contact the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission by emailing Donnita Crittenden at or by calling the KLEC at 502-573-2863.

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