We’ve signed a contract with Rough River Dam State Park to host the 2012 KPA Fall Board Retreat. It will be Thursday-Friday, October 18-19. Rough River is northwest of Leitchfield; southwest of Hardinsburg.

That’s going to be a busy, busy week. On the Saturday before, I’m expecting 12 to 15 of my state press association colleagues from the southeast plus Ohio and Indiana, to attend the 2012 Southeast Region Newspaper Association Managers fall conference. I’m holding it at the Marriott RiverCenter in Covington.

SERNAM is October 14-15-16 so looks like I’ll come back from Covington late Tuesday, finish the Board packet on Wednesday and head to Rough River.

We were supposed to have SERNAM in Kentucky last Fall but everything fell apart with schedules we carried Kentucky over one year. This group has been meeting annually since 1984 and it’s one eventful agenda. So many of the states in the southeast have about the same number of newspapers, same services, similar in many ways that we help each other quite a bit in our discussions.

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