We’ve posted the information about the fall chapter series with Chloe and Woody – www.kypress.com/nie — and I think we’ve had several sign up already. David Spencer is taking a couple of days off, so I can’t find out how many we do have signed up.

We also notified newspapers in Grant, Garrard, Fayette, Owsley, Bullitt and Hardin counties this week that Chloe, Woody and Leigh Anne will be in their community the first week of June. And Leigh Anne sent this note to Kriss so I pass it along for you all.

Hope you’ve had a great week! Busy week here. Tuesday we were at a school in Owensboro visiting 2 classes that always participate in the story. Steve Rocco from the newspaper was there, like always. It is always such a fun visit. We go every year. One teacher in particular, Katy Harrison, is a huge NIE supporter. Steve says she is the best NIE participator he has. Katy and Steve are making plans to attend the PD. They knew about it when I got there and said, “We’re planning on being in Lexington on June 7 for the PD!” I loved they already knew about it and were planning on going before I mentioned it. That would be great to have people all the way from Owensboro!


Leigh Anne

And the PD reference above is to “professional development” for teachers that Kriss is spear-heading at the Herald-Leader. She’s had a phenomenal response and might well have the largest number of teachers attending that she’s ever had. I think these typically have been in Madisonville but decided to have one in Lexington and as you can see, she’s attracting teachers from as far away as Owensboro.

(Can’t give you an exact on teacher numbers since Kriss is out until Monday but I think it’s about 50!!)

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