FCC’s Consumer Affairs Division reaching out to newspapers to offer partnership

I had a contact recently from the FCC and I think that’s going to develop into a good relationship where our newspapers can benefit from the focus of the FCC’s Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau’s Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division. I’ve always looked at the FCC as the government office overseeing radio and TV and not much for newspapers. The resulting call from the initial contact showed me there’s a lot of potential for newspapers to use the division for consumer affairs.

The division is responsible for engaging the public through outreach and education initiatives to inform them about important consumer-related regulatory programs, telecommunications issues and other consumer issues that impact their day to day life.  Included in that role is the task to build partnerships with organizations such as KPA.

Here’s some information from the division’s staff. Our goal is to share vital information from the FCC. Topics we address include:

•                      Emergency Alerts

•                      Robocalls and Spoofed Calls

•                      Slamming

•                      Cramming

•                      Rescanning an over-the-air television

•                      Protecting mobile devices from loss or theft

•                      Navigating the Consumer Help Center

The Federal Communications Commission has several online resources that may be helpful as you continue to engage in all virtual, in-person or a hybrid model for this school year. Please note that you may visit:

  • www.fcc.gov/back-to-school which contains information specific for all persons going back to school. The would be useful in late December/early January as the pandemic lessens and hopefully our public and private schools prepare to open for the Spring semester.
  • www.fcc.gov/consumers for more information about telecommunication issues at the Consumer Help Center.
  • www.fcc.gov/outreach for more about the FCC’s Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division’s outreach efforts.

Please send an email to outreach@fcc.gov with any questions about this information or for additional assistance.

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