First week of legislature: Think of Abbott and Costello’s ‘Who’s on First?’

If you aren’t familiar with Abbott and Costello’s ‘Who’s on First?’ routine, then Google it. One of the best comedy routines ever.

And I shouldn’t have to tell you why the first week of the 2018 General Assembly brings memories of that routine, at least in the House.

But you can expect them to start focusing on the business at hand in the near future. Four of the 60 days are in the history book and so far, no standing committee meetings and a few bills have been filed for consideration. It’s far different from the opening days of the 2017 30-day session when a host of bills had already been approved by the chamber and passed on to the Senate.

Through Thursday afternoon’s session, the Senate had filed 64 bills while the House was at 126. A few more were introduced during this morning’s brief chamber sessions but no definite number if available as this writing.

Some links worth noting:

• if you want to keep up with legislation, or have a bill number and you want to read it, then go to for House bills and to for Senate bills.

• if you want to get in touch with a legislator while he or she is in Frankfort, then go to and then to Find Legislator Bio. You can pull down the ‘shade’ on “Choose a legislator” and scroll down to the legislator you are searching for

• if you want to watch either chamber or committee meetings, you can do so online with Kentucky Educational Television. Just go to and choose House or Senate to watch action in either chamber. For committee meetings, not every committee meeting is televised so you can check daily schedules to see which ones KET’s legislative coverage will be showing that day.

According to the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission, there are 719 businesses and organizations registered to lobby the 2018 General Assembly. Those which have recently registered include: American Association of University Women; Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions; Civil War Trust; Gun Media Holdings; Kentuckians for Economic Growth; MCG Health; Tahirih Justice Center.



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