For 2020 high school sports, one warning: DO NOT SHOW UP UNANNOUNCED!

High school football and other fall sports are on the horizon. It’s one of the most anticipated seasons ever. We’re hoping it signals the start to more of what we’re used to, a somewhat return to normalcy. But those days are still a while away.

Covering high school sports during the Fall will be unlike any we’ve ever seen, and certainly unlike any you have ever covered. It won’t be just show up right about game time, show a media pass, find the spot along the sideline you stake claim to and shoot photos til the final clock shows 0:00.0.

Those days are gone, at least for the 2020 season.

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association has published a massive document about what the upcoming sports season will be like. What the schools are REQUIRED to do. What KHSAA is RECOMMENDING be done. What KHSAA says schools should CONSIDER. And that’s just for media participation.

Here’s a link to the document from KHSAA —

But you must go to pages 20 and 21 and find: MEDIA RESTRICTIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS.

Read that page and a half, re-read it, ask questions to the local school athletic officials and make sure all of your reporters, photographers, sports reporters and freelancers read and understand it as well.

At all cost, the warning from KHSAA officials is:  DO NOT SHOW UP AT AN ATHLETIC EVENT UNANNOUNCED.

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