For the love of reading: one way to promote the KPA Fall Chapter Series

By Jane Ashley Pace, publisher, Oldham Era, Henry County Local

Jane Ashley Pace

My earliest memories of reading a newspaper were with my Nana. She always read the “funnies” as she called the comics first in the paper because she said she liked to start her day with a laugh. When I stayed with her we would always read them together. She passed away over twenty years ago but I still read the “funnies” first in my Sunday paper every week and count reading as one of my favorite hobbies.

The love for reading and newspapers often begins as a child as it did for me. You may now prefer reading on a digital device but the reasons and importance for reading do not change. Reading, whether its newspapers or novels, fosters imagination, can improve communication and memory, increases vocabulary and knowledge and has even shown to reduce stress.

We want to help a new generation fall in love with newspapers but more importantly, reading itself. We are proud to partner with the Henry County Public Library to bring the popular Woody and Chloe series written by Leigh Ann Florence and illustrated by Chris Ware for children back to the Henry County Local starting this week.

The series “My Town” has 10 chapters that follow the latest adventures of the dynamic dachshund duo. The chapters will run over the next 10 weeks in the Henry County Local and are sure to bring a smile to readers young and old.

If you’re a Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle or Grandparent we encourage you to read the chapters each week to the children in your life. Teachers, we encourage you to read the chapters to your classroom. You can also find online activities to correspond with the chapters by visiting And, if you’re on social media, Woody even has his own Facebook page at you can friend.

The Henry County Local and Henry County Public Library hope that “My Town” will bring a new love of reading to the towns of Henry County. Find the first of 10 chapters in today’s paper.

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