From 1913: The Value of a Local Newspaper

This is a clipping from the HAZEL GREEN HERALD in the Friday, March 28, 1913, KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER newspaper of Salyersville, Magoffin County, KY. [Research by Bob Bickers, Aug. 27, 2019] I have personally found this to be true over years of subscribing to and researching old newspapers. Bob Bickers Downey, Idaho E-mail:

When you hear a man sneering at the local paper because it is not big, cheap and newsy as the city papers, you can safely bet he does not “squander” any of his wealth in assisting to make it better, and that generally the paper has done more for him than he has for it. The man who cannot see the benefits arising from a local newspaper is about as much value to a town as a delinquent tax list. —Hazel Green Herald Spencer Cooper, Editor

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