From Cox to Cox: Central Record under new ownership

After 75 years of ownership in the Cox family, The Garrard Central Record has changed hands. The hand that now holds it, however, is also a Cox.

Ted Cox, an employee of the local paper since October 2008 and the editor since January of 2014, has purchased the Garrard Central Record.

As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” 33-year-old Ted Cox said about the operation of the newspaper under his leadership. “I don’t know any other way to run a business than the way I’ve seen it done the last 10 years.”

Both Coxes made it clear during the emotional announcement on Friday, March 31, that they consider the employees as family members with no changes in staffing planned any time in the near future, other than Jimmy and Pattie Cox’s full retirement, a foregone conclusion once the transition is complete. For that very reason, though, nearly 43 years invested by Oneida Black and 38 by Pam Fathergill, the day was difficult to say the least. At 65 and realizing the changing landscape of the newspaper business in recent years, Jimmy had been considering selling the business for the past several years. Paramount for him was that the business would stay privately owned and not bought off by a large conglomerate. So when Ted Cox expressed an interest in ownership, negotiations began.

“It’s a hard day for me today,” Jimmy told employees. “I wanted someone who would keep it private and someone who would carry it on like I would. I hope it’s okay with all of you.”

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