From Hometown Throwdown to Congressman, intern covered it all

Taylor Six

My name is Taylor Six and I am a senior journalism major at Eastern Kentucky University. My internship was with the Citizen’s Voice and Times in Irvine.

When I first started, I was nervous to work in a small-town, where everyone knows everyone. Having attended grade school in Lexington, I was paranoid I would stick out like a sore thumb and be seen as a “city girl.”

At first I did get a couple of weird looks and whispers of “do you know her?”, but the small, tight-knit community I was so worried about welcomed me graciously (and often with homemade refreshments). Each event I covered, the members were so happy for me to be there to share a story or two of their home in Irvine. After so many times, it was like I was a part of the community too.

Each story that was told to me was with such enthusiasm and nostalgia, I would find my self going home and telling my roommates the same stories with the same excitement.

Whether it be a Hometown Throwdown concert, a gardening club meeting, a Relay for Life or celebrating a success for rural healthcare with Andy Barr, I cared about the Estill County community, and I believed it showed in my writing. Anyone can cover an event, but caring about the impact your article will have is a reward, in of itself.

Every citizen in Estill County takes pride in their community, and where they come from. Just as any journalists should take pride in the truth and impact of their work.

If one person has a victory, it’s a victory for the county. If one member succumbs to a tragedy, the town is there to rally behind them.

Working in Estill County and with the Citizen’s Voice and Times has not only benefited my writing, editing and photography skills, it has reminded me what journalism is all about: giving citizens a voice and having the ability to share it through the masses.

Estill County is ‘where the Bluegrass kisses the mountains’ but it’s a place that changed my perspective forever. I am honored to have worked with such a kind and compassionate staff of both the Citizen’s Voice and Times and the Clay City Times.

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