From the active shooter training, Leader-News takes steps to increase security, prepare employees

From Josh Givens, Editor, Central City Leader-News

Wanted to share with you that the Leader-News has taken steps to better prepare our employees and increase security at our offices in Central City.

I was very proud to see during the active shooter session at the 150th Celebration Convention in January, our company had six staff members in attendance, which I believe was probably the largest contingent in the session.

Following that great presentation, our leadership team had a number of discussions of what we needed to do to address these very real possibilities in our area of business.

Our first step was to invite the Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Department into our business to speak with employees. That took place the last week of March, with Lt. Will Ward of MCSD and Officer Wes Miller of Greenville Police Department. Both officers have received extensive training in active shooter response and preparation, and we were honored to have them in our building. Sheriff Ricki Allen also came in, and offered his commitment to assuring all businesses, schools and churches are safe in Muhlenberg County.

As well, we have installed surveillance cameras which observe our front entrance and our back dock. Given the nature of our business and the layout of the operation, it is just not feasible to lock our entrances, though the cameras do give us the enhanced ability to watch the approaches to our front entrance and back loading dock. The dock camera has also added the benefit of knowing when deliveries show up for the press room, as drivers seem to prefer to drop loads on the dock and leave, rain or shine. As well, the system is on a DVR, so in the event of an after-hours crime or such, we have documentation.

Additionally, dead bolt locks were installed at strategic locations in our maze-like building to isolate any threat as we “Run, Hide, Fight.”

After taking these steps, I wrote a front page story and shared what the officers told us, along with information on active shootings in the United States and where readers can research on their own. We were open that our building is secured and we are prepared. We also shared the sheriff’s commitment that all training for the community is a service of his office as part of his mission to serve and protect Muhlenberg County.

I know this is not something we want to think about in our industry, but it is a sad reality.

We believe we are better prepared and we appreciate our local law enforcement, which are the very best in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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