Frymire forecast: Convention could see 6 inches of the white stuff

For years, Kentuckians looked forward to the winter forecast offered by Dick Frymire. Now whether he was right or not, few paid attention to the real results. But when he sent out his forecast, his followers looked for specific dates during the winter just to see what Dick was saying the weather would be.

Dick died September 6, 2013 at age 87 but that doesn’t stop J.L. Frymire, his son, from making winter predictions “In Memory of L.H. Dick Frymire.” “Frymire Winter Weather Forecast 2017-18” has been released.

When I saw it Sunday morning, I scanned through some of the dates. Always have to look for the KPA Convention dates to see if it’ll be balmy and maybe golf weather (believe it or not, that’s happened during some Januarys) or we’ll be threatened with some of the white stuff.

So January 26, 2018, shows up on the calendar. “6 inches snow.”

Just what we need, another winter convention time, another threat of snow. Most of you remember two years ago, in Lexington, when blizzard warnings arrived on Thursday and we decided to cancel the convention and tell those who had arrived to go home. For others, the word was don’t come to Lexington because we’ve canceled the convention. Last year, it wasn’t too bad, cold yes, but the snow didn’t come until Saturday morning.

January, 1994, the Monday of convention week 17-18 inches hit Central Kentucky. The state wasn’t ready and the interstates were one big traffic jam all week. That convention, too, was canceled.

So what’s the outlook for some other winter dates? Well, it could be a real white Christmas, with 2 inches predicted for Christmas Eve, another 3 inches on Christmas Day.

Better do you Valentine’s Day shopping early. The winter’s largest snowfall — 18 inches — is to be on February 13, according to the Frymire Winter Weather Forecast.” For golfers, you’ll have to wait until March 6 to have a comfortable golfing day when it gets to a balmy 58 degrees. And then look forward to March 18 when the first Robin appears.

I did a little research on the Frymire winter weather forecasting and found a story in the Courier-Journal by Kirby Adams.

Famous Frymire prediction

J.L. Frymire of Irvington, Ky., in Breckinridge County grew up with a father famous for predicting the winter weather. Before Dick Frymire passed away a couple of years ago, he shared with his son the secret of weather forecasting using a maple tree’s seed pods and leaves.

I spoke with J.L. recently and he gave me news that did not warm my heart. Based on the color, the veins and some other secret he can not divulge, the maple leaves indicate: “This is going to be another cold winter. The coldest day of 2015 will be Jan. 20. But the whole week — Jan. 20-27 — will actually be freezing with temperatures zero to 10 below at night,” predicts Frymire.

As his father passed down the secret of winter weather predictions based on the mighty maple tree to J.L., soon he will pass the secrets on to his daughter Hannah Frymire. Some weighty responsibility since each fall the Breckinridge County-Herald News prints the Frymire Forecast for the months ahead.


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