Go figure: Two days to Lincoln, NE; 7 days to KPA’s District 12

Okay, so it’s not apples to apples and I paid a little more for a small box to 115 South Main Street, Lincoln, NE. Had to send an electric razor to a service center and the closest one is in Nebraska. Cost me a couple of bucks to mail it, no rush, and the attendant at the Frankfort Post Office branch near the office said it might be there Friday but certainly by next Monday.

That was Monday, December 17, when I mailed it.

December 11 we sent letters by first class to all the publishers in District 12. We’re in the process of a special election for the KPA Board seat in that area. I put a deadline of December 17 to return the ballot either by mail or by email.

December 17 came and went. December 18, I decided to find out what was going on. Not the first ballot had been returned. Did I just dream I put those in the mail and thought the ballots had been sent? No, specifically remembered Sue stuffing the envelopes and putting them in the box.

Upon a scattered checking with some of the publishers, I found out some got their letter December 17; a couple of others didn’t get them until December 18. So the only choice was to email them all and extend the deadline.

A first class letter, mailed December 11, took six to seven days to get about 100 miles from the KPA Central Office.

And a small package mailed December 17 to Lincoln NE was scheduled to arrive December 21 or December 23. Wednesday, December 19, the service center called and acknowledged receipt of the razor.

Two days to go 953 miles.

Six to seven days to go 100 miles or less.

Go figure!

Oh by the way, I could have saved the postage on the razor. “They don’t make that model any more so I don’t have replacement parts.”

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