Go figure

We usually post some of the On Second Thought blog on the KPA Facebook Page. But which ones attract the “People Reached” numbers can be eye-opening.

Last week’s On Second Thought led to several Fbook posts including all the stories about the outstanding student journalism honors received by our KIPA members. And it included some photos, always an extra value in getting those reaches.

And the post about Al Cross who often draws big numbers when his picture is included, I thought might be among the leaders for People Reached.

But none of those ran the numbers like an article about Accident Reports. That’s the one that included the state law showing accident reports are indeed open to news-gathering organizations, regardless of what law enforcement agencies say or think. In fact, by Saturday morning the segment on Accident Reports almost doubled the second place one, the story about Eastern Kentucky University students doing the school proud. And as of this morning, it still has doubled the other posts from last week’s OST.

Go figure.


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