Got rates? We’re about to ask for 2019 information

With the approaching time to publish the annual Statement of Ownership, that means one year is winding down, another is on the horizon. And the one on the horizon is a big year for KPA — our 150th anniversary.

In getting ready for 2019, we’ll soon be asking for all publications — full member newspapers, Associate Member Newspapers, student college/university newspapers who are part of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association and Online Publications — to give us information that will be published in the Sesquicentennial KPA Directory as well as used for giving ad clients quotes on 2019 placements.

An email will be sent to all publishers and ad directors in the next few days, with a link to the online 2019 Rate and Data sheet. There’s basic information — name of newspaper, key personnel, contact information, circulation, publication day(s) — and then national and local rates for 2019, color charges and insert rates.

We ask you now to be watching for that email, get to the link, complete the form and then hit send to get it back to KPA. The deadline is mid-November so that we’ll have plenty of time to prepare the 2019 directory.

We understand that by mid-November not all newspapers will know their ad rates for 2019. But we want up-to-date information for the directory so please fill out the basic information about your newspaper and then you can give us the ad rates later on. The rates aren’t published in the directory but the newspaper’s name, county, personnel, phone and fax, mailing address, publication day(s), circulation, page size and website URL are published. So give us that information as quickly as possible.

At the same time, give consideration to advertising in the directory. Even if it’s a small, business card size ad, we hope you’ll support the 150th anniversary with an ad in the directory. It’s given to advertising agencies across the state, public relations firms, state agencies and others who need contact information for Kentucky newspapers.

If you’re interested, please contact Bonnie Howard at or by phone at 502-223-8821. She’ll be glad to send you information about the ad sizes available — from a business card size to a full page — as well as the costs.

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