Government shutdown: Chances are it affected your bottom line more than you know

This is like asking if you felt the earthquake two months after it happened. But the government shutdown affect on newspapers only came to light a couple of weeks ago.

Looking at the Kentucky Press Service bottom line, the shutdown meant no government foreclosure sales on private property until after the shutdown ended. KPS handles placement of those sales in Kentucky so yes, it affected KPS and it affected the newspapers that could have gotten the ads. Not every newspaper would have but several. For April, we had 17 placements, so 17 newspapers will benefit from foreclosure sales in their county. May is looking much better from our perspective because 22 placements are underway and it’s not even May yet.

There’s no way to value what the dollar amount would have been for January, February and the first three weeks of March but it could have been in the $75,000 range for those months. You might check placements from January through March, 2018, and compare those with the same months in 2019. Maybe that will give you some look into how much the government shutdown affected your operation.

Makes you wonder if insurance policies should include government shutdowns as a way to recoup some of the financial losses.

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