Governor’s Executive Order lists ‘Media’ as life-sustaining business

After much hand-wringing by publishers, editors and ad managers on whether actions by Gov. Andy Beshear would allow newspapers to stay open, written confirmation came mid-week that newspapers and other media were “life-sustaining” businesses and may stay open.

Jon Fleischaker, KPA general counsel, had eased the concern last week by getting verbal confirmation from the governor’s office that newspapers were not included in any of the calls for closings. But that didn’t seem to appease the worry, with requests for something in writing to give reporters and ad sales folks and newspaper delivery staff so they could show they can be out, and doing what they do. Verbal wasn’t enough even if it came from the governor’s office.

Then finally this week, written words came, in the form of an Executive Order, written and signed in blue ink, by the governor himself.

There it is, number 1 on the order, under “Life-Sustaining Businesses May Remain Open,”

e. Media. Newspapers, television, radio and other media services.

Moments after reading that during one of his daily 5 p.m. press conferences, the governor said advertising services are included under that order as well.

So sans anything written on KPA letterhead, and there won’t be, newspapers should print the Executive Order below and let employees have their own personal copy, just in case they get questioned as to why they are out and going about their duties.


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