‘Great opinion’ from Attorney General rules UofL violated Open Records Act

KPA general counsel, Jon Fleischaker, who also represents the Courier-Journal, passed along a March 13 Open Records Decision from the Attorney General’s Office that he termed a ‘great opinion.’

The decision is below. The summary states:

“The University of Louisville violated the Open Records Act, both procedurally and substantively, in its responses to requests for records made by three reporters of the Courier-Journal newspaper relating to the University’s president and athletic department employees.”

Read the entire Open Records Decision here — 3-15-18 – AG’S DECISION ON Uof L

2 responses to “‘Great opinion’ from Attorney General rules UofL violated Open Records Act”

  1. Amye Bensenhaver says:

    The AG correctly resolved the issues presented on appeal based on longstanding precedent. It is fortunate that the AG’s staff located and relied on the appropriate legal analysis set forth in voluminous past open records decisions. That does not, however, make for a “great” decision.
    A “great” open records decision advances the Open Records Act by breaking new ground. This referenced UofL open records decision is a lengthy decision, even a solid decision. It is not a “great” decision.

    • For some reason, I’m just now getting this comment though it’s dated 2018. “Great” decision is using the term Jon Fleischaker gave it. With 45 years’ experience in Open Meetings and to this Open Records, I take his word for it.

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