Grow circulation with mail sampling, and sell extra advertising as a bonus

By Max Heath, NNA Postal Chair, KPA Past President

Max Heath – KPA Past President, NNA Postal Chair

IĀ continue to get calls and emails on sampling nonsubscribers. This rewrite will attempt to draw a sharper line between the two confusing rules that govern nonsubscriber copy mailing.

The nonsubscriber rules in the Domestic Mail Manual are there to allow you to promote your newspaper to nonsubscribers and increase your mail delivery. Too many papers fail to use this tactic, but more are showing interest as newspapers struggle to attract readers and advertisers.

Some papers have had success sampling a route or two at a time for two to four issues. Others choose to sample an entire ZIP code or the entire county. But either way, sampling addressed pieces to 90 percent of the active residential addresses, or 75 percent of all addresses, on in-county routes earns you a low 3.4-cent Saturation piece price. That compares to a 6.5-cent piece price for Basic (six to 124 pieces per route) in-county mail, saving you nearly half of the per-copy piece price. Read more.

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