Have you checked your accesskpa.com lately?

We try to remind you regularly to take a moment and access www.accesskpa.com to see what news releases have recently been posted.

This week is one of those situations because of two releases that have just been posted.

• Preservation Kentucky seeks host sites for new statewide event, Tour120 participation is open to all Kentucky counties. It’s designed to raise awareness of the importance of historic preservation to Kentucky communities, and to raise funds to help the nonprofits that preserve, manage and showcase them

• Preservation Kentucky also awarded some Excellence in Preservation honors to 2018 recipients that represent a variety of projects around the state, including:

** A 32-year-old whose 20th project will be completed by the end of 2018

** A family who saved a beloved community landmark

** Church swappers whose divine intervention was preservation providential

** A seasoned contractor whose work is rarely seen

** Volunteers who repair the homes of residents who will never see their work

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