Help promote Pulse of Kentucky study; get readership survey results

pulse-pollIt’s been a few years since KPA did a statewide readership survey. Want to know how Kentuckians rate newspapers against radio and TV? Want to find what sections readers go to? Want to find out how many people have read a newspaper in the last 24 hours? The last week? Want information to take to clients and show them the strength of newspapers? To show them the percent of Kentuckians thinking about buying one of the products? Or needing their service in the near future? Want to know how many people trust government agencies to be responsible for putting public notices on government websites? (Hint, in these studies underway in other states it’s a whopping 10 percent! Yeah, one out of every 10 people trust government agencies. Can you say TRANSPARENCY?)

Best of all, this survey isn’t going to cost you a penny! And it won’t cost KPA anything! Each newspaper (publisher and ad manager) received¬†an email from me about three weeks with information about Pulse Research’s PULSE OF AMERICA nationwide online survey. And part of that nationwide survey is the PULSE OF KENTUCKY.

You are being asked to run ads notifying your readers of this opportunity and you are being asked to put provided online ads on your website and social media opportunities. The ads will direct your readers to the polling website. Pulse Research will then collect and collate all the readership study information for Kentucky and make it available to KPA in mid-January.

Those newspapers who mail me a copy of a tearsheet proving the ad was run, or a screen shot showing the ad on a website page, Facebook Page or other offering, will each receive a copy of the full survey results. But only those willing to promote the survey will get the results.

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