Help Wanteds and News Releases posted on the new and; √ ’em out

We just launched the new website and already four newspapers have taken advantage of the Help Wanted link. If you have an opening, then you have the portal available to post that job. For members, including Associate Members, there is no fee. For out-of-state publications, the cost is $10.

To post a position, just go to and fill out the form. Don’t worry about the part at the top dealing with Your Account. Once you submit, we’ll review it, approve it and then it will show up on the Help Wanted location on the website.

The four jobs posted are:

• Cold Offset Web Press Operator

• Advertising Sales Consultant

• Advertising Sales Position

• Graphic Designer

And while you’re on the internet, which you are if you’re accessing this week’s On Second Thought, go to and check out recent news releases posted. You’ll find access to the releases by clicking on Press Releases in the black bar near the top. Here are some of the recent releases posted:

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