Herald-Leader goes to two sections most weekdays

The following notice began appearing in the Lexington Herald-Leader recently as it moved to two sections five days a week.
To our readers

You will notice some changes in the printed newspaper today as we move to a 2-section format Monday-Thursday and on Saturdays.

Living content, including the John Rosemond column, appears today on the back of the Sports section, page B10.

Comics have also moved, to pages B8 and B9, inside the Sports section. No changes have been made in the comics lineup.

Weather information still appears on the back of the Sports section, though it has been streamlined. Find more weather information and coverage on Kentucky.com every day.

For more national, international, features, finance, sports and other coverage, be sure to check out more than 50 pages of bonus content on our Extra Extra digital pages at Kentucky.com/eedition , every day.

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