Herald-Leader moving to digital-only on Saturdays, expanding Friday and Sunday print editions

The following was published in the Wednesday, October 9, Lexington Herald-Leader. The change takes effect January 11, 2020.

To our readers:

Peter Baniak, General Manager and Editor, the Lexington Herald-Leader and kentucky.com

The Herald-Leader is changing to make sure we are able to meet the needs of our readers and the communities we serve long into the future. Providing the news that’s essential to your life, be it breaking news, coverage of our local governments and schools, sports and watchdog journalism that holds public officials accountable, remains our primary focus. While that mission hasn’t changed we are seeing shifts in how our readers are engaging with this valued content. More and more of our customers are engaging with our local journalism online. This is not only a trend in Lexington, it is a widespread trend in the media industry, and in fact, all industries.

As reader habits change we are adapting to serve them in new ways. To support these shifts, starting on Jan. 11, we will no longer produce a printed newspaper on Saturday and will launch with a Weekend Edition that includes expanded newspapers on Fridays and Sundays. Many of the features that you enjoy on Saturday such as comics, puzzles and local sports coverage will now appear in expanded editions in print on Friday and Sunday. On Saturdays, we will continue to publish breaking local news to our website and social media platforms and we invite you to visit our website or eEdition, which replicates the experience of a printed newspaper online.

While a printed newspaper once was the sole means of accessing news and information, we now offer many different ways to connect with the Herald-Leader beyond print — on our kentucky.com website, on mobile apps, on social media sites like FacebookTwitter and Instagram, through video and newsletters. These digital platforms are accessible wherever you go and whenever you want.

We are making this strategic change to invest in our future and to continue to be your source of news and information on all the platforms you choose.

As we make this transition together we want to thank you for your loyalty and investment in the Herald-Leader. We are dedicated to providing this community, one we care deeply about, with independent, fact-based news and solutions for local businesses that help us all thrive and grow for many years to come. This is another step to make progress towards this goal.

Thank you.

— Peter Baniak, General Manager, Lexington Herald-Leader

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