House Bill 195 awaiting Governor’s signature

There’s been a lot of confusion this week for some reason about House Bill 195.

Yes, on January 7 at 12:35 p.m., it was introduced into the House and would have taken all public notices away from all newspapers. But along the way, KPA, the Kentucky League of Cities and Kentucky Association of Counties had several discussions and agreed to amended language that was ultimately accepted by the sponsor Rep. Jerry Miller, R-Louisville/LaGrange.

Using the 2018 budget bill as an example, the bill was changed to affect ONLY counties with a population of 80,000 or more. The 2018 budget bill set the threshold at 90,000.

The bill passed the House, went to the Senate, was approved by the Senate State and Local Government Committee and last Friday gained approval of the full Senate. The final vote was 20-12. Wednesday, House Speaker David Osborne and then Senate President Robert Stivers signed the bill and sent it on to Gov. Andy Beshear where it awaits his signature. Once it is determined when the legislature adjourns Sine Die, then the effective date of the language in HB 195 will be known. It should be in effective in early July.

As to the confusion, it’s been pretty straightforward that House Bill 195, as amended by KLC, KACO and KPA, applied only to counties with a population of 80,000. That’s 10 of the state’s 120 counties. The eight calls and emails on Wednesday and two more on Thursday came from weekly publishers, claiming that all newspapers had lost public notices.

I have no idea how that confusion originated and pointed to the first page of the bill, 1 (a) 5, that stated the language applied only to counties of 80,000 population or more.

So if you’re in a county of less than 80,000 population, there is no change at all in the public notices you will be publishing or how you will publish them.

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