How business interests shaped US public records law: Q&A with Jeannine Relly

The Freedom of Information Act lets anyone request records from federal agencies. Federal agencies have to provide requested records, with exemptions.
(To see the nine exemptions to the federal FOIA, click here.)
This Journalist’s Resource podcast features Jeannine Relly, an associate professor at the University of Arizona School of Journalism, discussing how business interests have shaped FOIA amendments since the act was passed in 1966. Relly has extensively studied international right-to-know trends in journalism.
In 2016 Government Information Quarterly published her paper, “How Business Lobby Networks Shaped the U.S. Freedom of Information Act: An Examination of 60 Years of Congressional Testimony,” written with Carol Schwalbe, director of the UA School of Journalism.
To read more, click here.

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