How much do you spend on marketing?

I’m willing to bet that’s a question you never think about. Because typically newspapers don’t practice what they preach. We send sales reps hither and yon, calling on new business, old business, any business that will give us a few minutes to tell them they should be marketing their business in our publication.

Except, we don’t listen to ourselves and practice that advice by marketing ourselves.

American Opinion Research gets that question asked several times a year — How much do newspapers spend on marketing?

It’s hard to get a clear answer, so AOR would like your help.

Please just answer the one question below by sending an email to  In the subject line, type “The Cost of Newspaper Marketing.”

Here’s our question:

(Copy this question as text in your email and fill in the percentage where indicated.)

To be best of your knowledge, what percentage of your total gross revenues are spent on marketing your print and digital products? _____________________%

Please include all marketing expenses, including any internal and external marketing and promotion. List percentage of gross revenues, not amount.

We will compare the results against dozens of other industries. Complete the contact information as requested toward the bottom and American Opinion Research will send you a copy of the results. 

Just complete the following to get a copy of results.


Email address:


Thanks for your help!

Tony Casale, CEO, American Opinion Research

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