ID will be required at KPA Registration Desk

For the safety of all attendees and guests of the Marriott East hotel, KPA will require a photo ID be shown at the Convention Registration Desk. And attendees will be required to wear their name badges at all times.

It’s something we’ve talked about over the last few days with the KPA Executive Committee and for the safety of all of our members and our guests, we’ve decided a photo ID will be required at convention check-in. We also will require all attendees to wear their name badges throughout the convention. The badges have “dots” on them indicating what function (Gala and meals particularly) each person has paid to attend.

The ID can be a driver’s license, press pass with an ID, employee/corporate badge or a student ID if one of the members of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association.

I would imagine the hotel will require a photo ID on check-in so for the safety of KPA members in sessions there’s really no difference in having to show a photo ID again.

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