Insider Louisville ceases publishing, saying cost of operating has ‘been too great to overcome’

By Sarah Ladd, The Courier-Journal

Insider Louisville announced last week it would stop publishing Aug 7. Insider Louisville has been an Associate Member of KPA and participated in the KPA Legal Defense Fund.

The Louisville nonprofit publication sent a message to its subscribers Monday evening saying the cost of operating has “been too great to overcome.”

The publication used a nonprofit model, the message said, “to become more sustainable to create even greater transparency in reporting and practices.”

“The mission had always been to provide the essential service of reputable local journalism to the community,” it went on, “and leaders felt this transition would help relate that message in a more tangible way.”

Insider Louisville has 25,000 newsletter subscribers and more than 200,000 monthly readers, according to the statement. In addition, it has almost 40,000 Twitter followers and more than 55,000 on Facebook and Instagram.

“Insider couldn’t have done any of it without loyal readers who pushed, prodded, provided tips and kept the organization honest,” the statement said.

A notice at the end of the letter said that membership renewals were turned off on July 27 and contributions set for after that won’t be accepted. Publication ended until Aug. 7.

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