Intern draft, er, selections underway

With the first pick in the 2018 KPA Internship Program, the Owensboro Messenger Inquirer selects Collin Morris of Murray State University. (Pause here for Collin to have his picture taken wearing an OMI hat as teammates and family members who accompanied him cheer.)

With the second pick in the 2018 KPA Internship Program, the Danville Advocate Messenger selects Casey Craiger of Eastern Kentucky University.

Ok, so that’s going overboard but heck, why not have a little fun. The point is, the intern selection process is underway for the newspapers receiving an intern for this summer from KPA/the Kentucky Journalism Foundation.

Congrats to Owensboro and Danville.

And congrats are kinda in order for the Paducah Sun. Carrie Dillard interviewed two internship applicants and could end up with both. Carrie interviewed Emily Williams from Murray State, found out she’s graduating in May so Paducah has hired Emily as a full-time reporter. Then Carrie offered the internship position to Blake Sandlin and is waiting to hear from him. Blake interned at the Crittenden Press last summer under the KPA program and once Allison Evans had made the intern selection — Blake Sandlin — she emailed me: “We really did hit the jackpot with Blake.”

It’s interesting to note that Owensboro’s intern is from Hawesville, right next door to Daviess County; Danville selected a hometown product in Casey Craiger; and Emily Williams, who begins her career as a full-time employee for the Paducah Sun is from Paducah. And Blake Sandlin is from Calvert City, right next door in Marshall County.

For those newspapers who haven’t made their selection yet, or even done the interviewing that’s required, time is short. March 18 is the cutoff date and if you haven’t finalized your intern plans by then you loose out this year and next year as well.

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