Intern gets an all-around introduction to the newspaper business at Kentucky Publishing

Zachary Anglin

Zachary Anglin, West Kentucky News/Paducah, Murray State University


Going into KPA’s internship program during a viral pandemic is something many past interns simply cannot say. Initially, I didn’t really know what to expect or if I even should do it in the first place. Now, I know for certain that I would have regretted not taking the opportunity to learn and experience firsthand about almost every aspect of newspaper publishing.

Starting out, I mostly began within my range of experience in production, working with the managing editor to lay out the paper and designing any extra advertisements that needed attention. Slowly, as the summer went on, my tasks as an intern began to diversify, beginning with working with the circulation manager, and helping with editorial work for the special section’s editor.

Now, around 9 weeks later, I can say I have done a little bit of everything, ranging from pagination, photography, ad sales, circulation and editorial. I am certainly a more versatile journalist coming out of this program than I was going in.

All in all, my experience working with Kentucky Publishing has been a positive one,  every week is something a little different from the last, seeing projects through to the end and getting the opportunity to learn and get out of my comfort zone is something to be appreciated.

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