Intern Madison Briscoe: Unsure at the beginning, CKNJ intern now knows what she wants to do

Madison Briscoe, Central Kentucky News Journal, Campbellsville; Campbellsville University


Madison Briscoe

Through the 10 short weeks of my Kentucky Press Association internship, I have learned a lot about the newspaper industry, myself as a writer and the city of Campbellsville.

I have been a student at Campbellsville University for three years and all I ever knew about the city was within the university. I was very intimidated starting my first day because of this. I felt like the new kid at school going into it.

I was scared because I did not know anyone of importance in this town unless I had known them through the university. Writing stories and looking for sources requires a lot of knowing who to contact and ask questions.

I received a lot of guidance from Central Kentucky News-Journal General Manager John Overby. He gave me ideas of who to contact for each story and how to develop a story from what that person shared with me.

I learned a lot about how I write my best stories and how to write a story under non-ideal circumstances.

COVID-19 presented most of those non-ideal circumstances. Many businesses were closed and not easy to get in touch with. Most interviews took place over the phone or over email, which is not ideal for newswriting as it is better to be face to face with the person and being able to see their body language.

Because of COVID-19, I was able to document the re-opening of a few businesses and some unique graduations ceremonies and celebrations. I learned a lot about photography and being able to take good photos for journalism.

Through these circumstances, I was able to get photos I was very proud of that offered unique stories.

Photography was another thing I was nervous about. John was able to give me tips and pointers for taking photos at events. I have developed a love for taking photos, and I’m hoping this is something I can continue and get better at outside of the world of reporting.

While some opportunities for stories were taken away, such as the Fourth of July celebrations, I was able to experience and write different stories such as a social distancing project graduation, or the re-opening of hair salons and the beloved Harden Coffee.

Before my internship, I was unsure of what to do after graduation. I only have one short year before I am ultimately searching for my first real job, and I had no clue where to go.

I have since become more confident in my writing and photography abilities. I have a much better idea of what I want to do after graduation because of this opportunity.

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