Internship apps ready for newspapers eligible, Associates members

KPA member newspapers participating in the Kentucky Statewide Classified Program are qualified to apply for a Kentucky Journalism Foundation intern each summer.

The KPA Associates Division also awards up to three internships each year in public relations. Those students will work with a KPA Associates member based in Kentucky.

Ninety KPA newspapers are enrolled in the classified network. Those newspapers fill out an application and submit it for consideration. The KPA Past Presidents serve as the foundation’s Board of Directors and select the Host Newspapers in January.

Any Associates member based in Kentucky can apply for one of up to three PR internships. The Associates board will appoint a committee to select the Host Companies. The PR internships are worth $3,000 to the students for 10 weeks of summer work.

In 2017, the journalism foundation will award 20 internships, each worth $3,000 for 10 weeks of work with a member newspaper. The foundation pays for the intern’s “salary.” Newspapers are responsible for all income taxes associated with the internship as well as any business related expenses, such as travel.

The deadline to apply for newspapers and for Associates Division members is December 30, 2016.

For an application, newspapers in the Statewide Classified Network should go to

KPA Associates members based in Kentucky can apply by going to


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