Internship process for students, newspapers, Associates underway

If you are a college student who will complete the freshman year by May, 2018, a KPA member newspaper participating in the Kentucky Statewide Classified Program, or an Associate Division member with an office in Kentucky, then you are eligible for the 2018 KPA internship program.

Information on the application process has been emailed to newspapers and to state colleges/universities and will be sent soon to all KPA Associates members. Instructions for accessing the application is included wth the information. For students, posters have been made available and hopefully are being displayed near the journalism department as well as other sources on campus.

After trying an 8-week intern period in 2016 and a hybrid of either eight or 10 weeks in 2017, the KPA Past Presidents have voted to return to the 10-week format.

If you have questions about either internship — newspaper or Associate — or about the student internship, please give me a call at 502-223-8821.

Deadline for newspapers and Associates to apply is December 22, 2017. Students have until January 15, 2018, to file their application with KPA.

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