It’s all about the contests


We’re coming up on the KPA News and Ad Contests bewitching hour — 5 p.m., Thursday, October 19 — and while a good number of newspapers have registered to enter, there are a lot of newspapers who always enter but haven’t bothered to do anything yet.

Looks like several newspapers have renewed their charter membership in KPA — but that’s the Kentucky Procrastinators Association.

Below is a list in pdf form of all the newspapers registered for either or both contests as of 10 a.m. this morning. If your newspaper is on the list, Thanx!! Now just get your entries together. If your newspaper isn’t on the list, well, you can’t do anything in the online system until you complete that step. And it takes all of maybe five minutes.

The list was sent earlier today to all newspapers and I’m including it here. If you have a sister newspaper and it isn’t registered yet, give them a nudge and tell them to get with it.

Questions? Email me at ASAP or better yet, pick up the phone call me at 502-223-8821.

And to answer the one question that everyone seems to overlook in the memo with the contest material, the “Association code” is KYCONTEST (case sensitive, too).


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