It’s all data; j-schools focusing on how to teach it

Every j-school should teach data, and here’s how

By Cheryl Phillips, MediaShift

Data journalism education is becoming more robust across all sizes and types of schools, from Columbia to Texas State and from Northwestern to University of Florida. At the University of Texas-Arlington, a commuter school, a tenured professor taught herself how to use spreadsheets just so she could teach her students data journalism.

The reason is simple. Everything is data — words, numbers, maps, you name it. And understanding how to manage and analyze information has always been vital for reporters and editors. The stories we need to tell as journalists are complex and data journalism gives us the tools we need. Just look at the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s recent investigation into abuse by doctors as an example. [Full story]

3 email marketing strategies to implement right away

Maybe you’re new to email marketing, or maybe you simply haven’t paid much mind to it before.

We get it: Very few people work as solely as an email marketer. Most likely, it’s just a single part of your day-to-day responsibilities, so it’s easy for email to become a box you check off your to-do list. But if you aren’t using email marketing to its full advantage, you could be seriously missing out.

After all…

  • 94% of people say they get online to check email – it’s the #1 activity on the internet.
    #2? Using a search engine. And if you think about it, that’s not an absurd statistic. We’re all living in our inboxes. In fact, the average office worker receives around 30 emails an hour.
  • Email produces a 3800% ROI on average.
    It’s a sound investment for marketers. While the number may swing up or down, the average ROI for email is consistently more than double that of other digital channels. [Full story: Emma/McKenzie Gregory]

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