Jailers Association sends message: No red watermarks on mugshots provided for media use

You can see, faintly, the red watermark/copyright mark on this mugshot provided by a jail. Use for example purposes only.

Renee Craddock, with the Kentucky Jailers Association, sent a message to all jailers this past week, concerning the use of the red watermarks on jail mugshots.

Keep this message handy and if your local jail provides a mugshot with the red watermarks, show them this message and encourage them to contact Renee. She’s been helpful to a couple of newspapers recently who were given those marked mugshots.

“From Renee Craddock:

“Hey everyone. Just a friendly reminder that pictures released to the media should not have a copyright across them.

“As a reminder, we passed a bill that outlawed the use of mugshots for profit. You can still put the watermark on them on the jail’s website, but if a member of the media asks for the mugshot, the watermark has to be removed.


You can contact the Kentucky Jailers Association at (859) 904-9223.

Sharon Burton, publisher of the Adair County Community Voice and KPA Vice President, had difficulty with a neighboring jailer recently but was able to contact the Jailers Association to clarify its position.

“The jailer in Adair County, Joey White, has been great to work with and we solved this issue long ago. I knew KPA and the Kentucky Jailers Association had addressed the watermark issue before so when I hit a snag I felt it was important enough to follow up on.”

Here is the message sent to all jailers across the state by the Renee Craddock at the Kentucky Jailers Association:


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