January 2021 Winter Convention? Don’t bet on it

The Marriott East in Louisville will probably be dark January 21-22 if KPA cancels its Winter Convention.

Got an email from the Marriott East this week about the 2021 January convention. The email was the room reservation form that we share with all members so you can make your plans to attend. It was supposed to be January 21-22, 2021, at the east-end Louisville hotel.

Supposed to be but 99.9 percent certain it will not happen. The coronavirus lingers on and with some “experts” not believing it will be letting up any time soon, don’t bet on the convention happening. We are minus an official vote from the Board but we’ve also asked the Marriott East to move everything to 2022. Probably January 20-21, 2022, to be more exact.

We’ve had two conventions — 1994 and 2016 — canceled because of blizzards. There may have been others prior to 1983 but probably only 1937 when flooding destroyed downtown Louisville was the only other one that got canceled.

We’ll be talking with the Board in early November to firm up the plans to cancel and then following the lead of every other press association in the country and trying to put together a virtual convention around the same dates. It’ll be different, that’s for sure, and every one of us would rather it be in-person to see old friends, meet new ones and be around college journalists who will become the future of our industry.

More on that to follow and we’ll even be asking for your ideas about program ideas.

Now the next question from you. “What about the contests?”

We’re proceeding with the contests and both — News and Advertising — will be judged into November. And you should already know today — Friday, October 16 — is the deadline to register AND to submit your entries.

Now as for the presentation of the winners, we’ll be addressing that. Perhaps it’ll be a powerpoint presentation that we’ll post on the website and let you watch it as time permits. We haven’t gotten that far yet but it’s one of the ideas.

As for getting the plaques and certificates to the winners? Well, that’s another question. And one we’ll have to address. It will be far too expensive to mail the plaques though certificates can easily be mailed first class. Maybe I’ll just load up the pickup truck and trek around the Bluegrass. The legislature is technically out of session during most of January but the thought of tackling icy roads and blizzards might cause other methods necessary to get you the plaques.

We’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.


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