July 5, 2013

• We’re here, well kinda, three of us

• Kentucky Association Executives rank their favorite apps

• Got special sections planned? Make sure we know so we can help you sell

• Business cannot pay sales tax on purchase for consumer

• Hi-Viz Vests for Reporters/Photogs and Prices Are Coming Down

• Take a break next Friday — No Friday Member Update

Yes, We’re Open, Well Kinda

There are only three of us here — Rachel, Rick Covington and me. The rest of the staff took a vacation day today for a four-day weekend. But the office will be open today; at least for a while. Rachel was scheduled for a vacation day but had a public notice come in on Wednesday that runs this coming week. She wanted to make sure newspapers on the buy had received their insertion orders. And many have confirmed receipt.

KPA Board Meeting has a Full Agenda

The KPA/KPS Board of Directors will be meeting Friday, July 12, at the Kentucky History Center in downtown Frankfort. And the agenda is going to rival any Fall Board Retreat discussions in recent years. On the agenda is a report and possible suggestions in policies and procedures from the KPA Legal Defense Fund; a potential recommendation from the KPA Past Presidents that the Kentucky Journalism Foundation arm of KPA established a position of foundation director, with fund-raising responsibilities as the main duty; and a discussion from Leigh Ann Thacker with Southern Strategy on the 2014 Kentucky General Assembly and KPA’s approach to going on the offense or just playing defense.

We’re also making strides in the Pilot Newspaper Project from the KPA Digital Committee and John Mura will have a progress report.

Then throw in the typical agenda items and it should be a meeting with lots of discussion, action and direction for KPA, KPS and KJF.

AT&T Unveils New Mobile Solution for Local Governments to Connect with Communities

Improving connectivity between local governments and their communities is the goal of AT&T’s latest effort.

AT&T has launched what it’s calling an easier way for small-to-mid size governments to connect with citizens virtually anywhere or anytime using a mobile device.

Introducing AT&T Community Central, a cloud-based mobile application that enables government entities “to more effectively and dynamically communicate with citizens.”

Community members can use a smartphone or tablet not only to access helpful information such as maps and directories, but also to immediately report city-related problems. The application also allows local governments to quickly respond to instant feedback from citizens on general issues. “Mobile technology is redefining the way government agencies connect with their community, and we’re helping to make this process more efficient,” explains Mike Troiano, Vice President of Advanced Mobility Solutions at AT&T Business Solutions. “AT&T Community Central helps local government simplify communication through a device found in the pockets and purses of on-the-go citizens.”

AT&T Unveils New Mobile Solution for Local Governments to Connect with Communities

Top Apps as Rated by Kentucky Association Executives

The Kentucky Society of Association Executives recently had its members rate their favorite apps. Some of these might be of interest to you — on a professional/newspaper/PR basis or on a personal basis. So I pass along some of the top apps recommended by KSAE members.

Genius Scan – take a picture of document and turn it into a PDF with phone camera

Card Star – stores barcodes for priority reward programs

Google Sky – Shows names of stars and constellations

White Noise lite – Free white noise generator to help with sleep

Radar Now – weather radar for location

Gas Buddy Car Pal – Shows price comparisons for area gas stations

Take me to my car – Shows return path to parked car

Asana – project management

Couch to 5k – Training program for beginning runners

Guidebook – conventions manager free for up to 200

LRC – KY Legislative Research Commission for bills, law, elected officials – must get at http://www.lrc.ky.gov

Bump App – Share information between smart phones with a fist bump

Rest Stop App – Shows locations of all interstate rest areas

Flixster – Movie reviews, theater locations and show times

Gate Guru – Airport Management showing food and shopping locations in terminals

Amazon Price Check – Scan bar codes to see competing prices for items

Vlingo – voice activated texting, directions and social media updating

Fake a call – Name says it all…get out of that boring meeting.

AP mobile – Associated Press worldwide and local news with major story alerts

iHandy Level – turn your phone into a level for picture handing, etc.

Evernote – Saves and shares information across various devices and more

Keynote – create, manage and present power points from your smartphone

Spotify – Facebook connected music source

CBS Sunday Morning – text versions of stories from TV show

Flip Board – Manage all of your social media from one app

Hoot Suite – social media management

Tripit – organize trips

Google Voice – get phone number and forward to up to 5 phones. Manage voice mail and calls – Google Phone account required

LRC App Works Just Like KPA’s

I don’t doubt some of you have already forgotten about the KPA App David Spencer developed last year, an app that’s website-based but acts just like an app. And it contains all the laws on Open Meetings and Open Records.

Though it’s apparently been available for a while, I just found out this week that the Legislative Research Commission has an app, also web-based, and maybe I won’t have to lug the laptop every time I head out.


The KPA App works the same way. Just go to http://www.kypress.com/foi and then save that to your Homescreen on your cell phone. Now you’ll have access to all parts of KRS 61 — the chapter on Open Meetings and Open Records.

If You’re Into Vintage Autos, Here’s the Place for You

Imagine 10,000 to 15,000 vintage automobiles in one place. Imagine even more that the one place is in Kentucky. Louisville to be exact.


August 1 – 4, the National Street Rod Association’s annual Street NSRARod Nationals Plus will be held in Louisville at the beautiful Kentucky Exposition Center. This will be the 19th time the show, which annually attracts between 10,000 and 15,000 vintage automobiles, will be staged in Louisville.

The National Street Rod Association® (NSRA), is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee with members worldwide. Vehicles will be driven from all parts of the United States to make this a truly unique gathering of vintage automobiles featuring nearly every make, model and style. Once again, the NSRA will include vehicles from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s in this event.

For more information, go to http://www.nsra-usa.com. A special Media News Room is available online. Log on to access photos and digital press releases!

If you’re interested in covering any part of the Street Rod Nationals, contact Jim Rowlett, Marketing Director, 817-581-9915, or email him at nsra1@sbcglobal.net

Slow Internet Causes Angst for KPNS Users

We had a couple of reports recently about KPNS taking forever, or rather the internet taking forever to get KPNS material to newspapers. David Greer has experienced some slow access at times and we do hear periodically from newspapers about the slow time. David’s advice is this — Just hang in there. It will eventually get there. Maybe not what you want to hear on deadline but it’s not on your end, it’s not on our end, it’s just going to happen. The server is located in Utah so it’s not like we can walk to the other side of the office and, as David says, “Kick it and get it going.”

But exchanging some emails with newspapers about that, David got some nice notes back.

From Russ Cassady at Pikeville– “Nevermind. It came back. I guess it just goes to show how important that service is to us.”

From Mark Grayson at the Levisa Lazer — “No problem. I just wanted to see if it was on my end. You do great work that is becoming essential for state and regional news.”

Scott Dillingham echoed what others had said about the service.

So with that kind of continuing endorsement from the participating newspapers, if your newspapers isn’t on KPNS, why not? And it’s FREE!

Paying by Credit Card is Getting Close

With the Fall Newspaper contest on the horizon, when things start speeding up on income, we’re closing in on being able to let all members pay online by credit card. This will make it easier in a lot of ways, including payments for advertising placed with KPS.

We started moving on this earlier in the year, we weren’t satisfied with some of the sales pitches (oh yeah a lot of companies could have set it up but none would be exact on the cost or the process) but we have the details in place and David Spencer is working on the design phase. I’ve given them a target of August 1 and I don’t think there will be any problem in reaching that deadline.

It will help with contest payments, annual dues, convention registrations, seminars, directories, all advertising placed with us and anything else we offer that requires a payment.

Will a Convention Session Cost Us Nothing? Or DOUBLE?

That’s the question Kevin Slimp is wanting answered. He wants to come to the KPA Winter Convention with another of his programs but he’s also announced on Facebook that it’s time for the two of us to make our football bets. Of course, Kevin’s betting on the orange from Tennessee and I’m going with the Big Blue Nation.

We’ve made some bets in the past — who had to wear the other team’s t-shirt at a KPA meeting. But this year it’s gone a little further. I’ve offered to pay Kevin to speak if UT wins but if UK wins he has to do it for free.

Kevin has a counter offer — if UK wins, he’ll charge the usual fee. If UT wins, we pay him double. Not gonna happen so we continue haggling.

Got Special Sections? Make Sure KPS Knows of Your Schedule

Special sections are a staple for most newspapers. Generating content, helping readers and giving advertisers a specialized vehicle to get their product or service to an audience.

KPS represents all Kentucky newspapers by making sales calls to ad agencies and retailers. Normally the sales calls focus on ROP ads or one of the networks — Statewides, ARK, Banner ads — that KPS offers with newspapers.

But one part of the sales resource is often overlooked — special sections newspapers have planned. And more often than not, it’s because we don’t know what sections a newspaper has scheduled for the next few months.

So we’re reaching out to all ad departments to let us know. Check your calendar for this quarter — July, August and September — and email Teresa Revlett (trevlett@kypress.com) and give her the list. Include the focus — health/medical, lawn and garden, back to school, automobile, travel, etc — the ad copy deadline and the ad rate, and whether that’s a local or national rate.

She’ll maintain the list here, share it with the sales staff and then as they talk to clients, if an upcoming special section surrounds the advertiser’s product or service, the staff can give them the information and hopefully make a sale for you.

Communication is the business we’re in and if we don’t do it, together, it’s almost like being an oxymoron. So let Teresa know what’s upcoming for the next three months and hopefully we’ll have some success.

Reminder: Reporters/Photogs Need Safety Vests vest-241x300
Several years ago, the federal government put order the order vestthat anyone — including the news media — must wear a reflective safety vest whenever working along a federal highway. The guidelines stipulate that if the person is being “paid” while along a federal highway, the vest must be worn. Thus, news media covering an accident are considered being “paid” for that assignment and subject to the law.

Seldom will you find those who “work” along federal highways without one and even law enforcement officers have them on when out of their vehicles. However, the guidelines require it of law enforcement only when they are working an accident.

And while the particulars are left to the company, state transportation officials recommend reporters/photographers wear the lime green reflective vests because the orange tends to blend in with the orange highway barrels. The federal guidelines do require the vests to be ANSI Class 2 vests.

So here’s a reminder to make sure your reporters and photographers are in proper attire when covering the news along a federal highway. And might as well make their safety secure by making sure they wear them anytime they’re out on a highway, be it federal, state or county.

When we placed the original orders for these for newspapers we used Full Source — http://www.fullsource.com/safety-vest-styles/ — and you can access that website to find all kinds of safety vests. Prices originally were about $15 but other style vests — in lime green and in ANSI Class 2 requirements — are available at cheaper prices. And you can typically get your newspaper name printed on the back for a couple of bucks each.

Question of the Week:

Part One:

I have an advertiser who is promoting a sale and to entice customers the business is offering to pay the state sales tax on any item purchased. Can the seller pay the sales tax?

In a word, no. It’s prohibited by state law. Tell the business to read KRS 139.220, on prohibited advertising related to the state sales tax:

KRS 139.220 Prohibited advertising:

It is unlawful for any retailer to advertise or hold out or state to the public or to any customer, directly or indirectly, that the tax levied by KPS 139.200 or required to be collected under KRS 139.340 or any part thereof will be assumed or absorbed by the retailer or that the tax will not be added to the selling price of the tangible personal property or digital property sold or that if added the tax or any part thereof will be refunded.

Question of the Week:

Part Two – An Update

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that a newspaper had received a classified from an individual wanting to sell a used mattress. Many moons ago it was illegal to do that but apparently no current law prohibiting that exists.

HOWEVER, I did speak with Ken Spach at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services who directed me to a state law on used mattresses, the same law I relayed to you in that previous communication. And he clarified that each local Health Department is charged with overseeing the sale of any used mattress and the newspaper should check locally to see what stipulations are in place. The law requires that a used mattress must be sterilized before it can be resold and the county health department is the agency charged with enforcing that.

Some Things We Need from You

Had a couple of responses from the request two weeks ago about your interest in going to Gatlinburg in 2014. This is not for a KPA Convention, unless members push us toward that, but it is and invitation from the Tennessee Press Association to join that group with its June 5-6-7, 2014, Summer Convention.

Greg Sherrill, my counterpart at TPA, knows how much Kentuckians enjoy the Gatlinburg area and he’s opened the invitation to all KPA members to come on down to the Smokies. Let me know if you’re interested in going.

August 22 will be the next Publishers’ Summit and it’s scheduled for the Paroquet Springs Conference Center in Shepherdsville. We’re still working to finish the agenda so for now just mark that date on your calendar. It’ll be 11 a.m. to about 3 p.m./Eastern time.

And golfers!! We need you!! Still holding at about 15 Kentucky golfers signed up for the Inaugural Border War golf tournament with members of the Tennessee Press Association. We need 25 more!! And I know a lot of you play — often, frequently, sometimes or just in scrambles. It matters not your level of golf, we need you. It’s a scramble, it’ll be fun and the proceeds go to benefit the foundation program of both associations. For the most part, in Kentucky, that would mean more internships each summer.

So please, find the pdf sent to you, fill it out and head to Fairvue Plantation County Club in Gallatin, TN, on Monday, September 9. If you’re in the sound of my voice — well in this case, if you’re receiving the email — you are invited. And bring a staff member or two. Full members, Online Publications, Associate Members, vendors. Whatever your relationship is with KPA, we want and need you to play.

If you can’t find the previous pdfs, no problem. Here’s another: BorderWarGolf

Okay, think that will do it for another week or two. With a KPA Board meeting on Friday, July 12, I won’t have time to write you next Friday unless something urgent develops. And then it will be short. So figure you get the week off next week from the Friday Member Update and hope to chat on Friday, July 19, Good Lord willin’ the creek don’t rise any more than it has.

As always, call, write, email, fax, drop by if you have questions, comments, concerns, issues, need help, clarifications, corrections, additions or deletions.

Otherwise, thanx!!

2013 KPS PLACEMENT TOTALS IN-HOUSE – $1,787,348.64

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