Kentucky-based crossword being offered; first two are free, weekly puzzles at $12 per month

Dwayne Ellis, a retired English teacher from Hardin County, called earlier this week with an offer of a Kentucky-based crossword puzzle for newspapers. Instead of giving him all the contact information for KPA members, I asked him to send me an email and I would pass that along to all newspapers through this week’s On Second Thought. At the end of this segment, you will find the first two puzzles and answers for those two in a jpg format. You are invited to use both of these at no cost and if you’re interested in continuing, then Dwayne Ellis’ information is included.

Here’s the email and pertinent information from Dwayne:

Thank  you  for  talking  with  me;  here  is  the  plan for my  crossword  project –  KNOW  KENTUCKY.

I am  focusing  on weekly  newspapers  but  will be  happy  to  provide  a  puzzle  to  small  daily  or  bi-weekly  papers  if  they  are  interested.    Since these  are  educational,  MY  HOPE  IS  THAT  THE PAPERS  WILL  PUBLISH  THE  ANSWER  on  another  page  for  immediate  feedback.    I  believe that  a  week  delay  will  defeat  the  purpose.

 ( 1 ) The  first two  puzzles  are  FREE  for  papers to  use.   

( 2 )  If  they  decide  they  want  to  publish one Know Kentucky by dellis  each  week,  then they need  to  contact  me  at or  call  270-737-6301.    I  will  need  their e-mail  address  to  send  puzzles.

( 3 ) I will  provide  one  puzzle  each  week in  copy form  with  an  answer  puzzle  for  $ 12  per  month or  an  annual  fee  of  $ 120.

( 4 ) I  will  e-mail  each puzzle  one  week  in  advance of their  publishing  dates.

( 5 )  Each  puzzle  will  be  my  personal  creation  using facts  gathered  from  Wikipedia,  various  web  sources, and  a  variety  of  books  and  magazines.

My  main  goal  is  to  help  Kentuckians  KNOW  and APPRECIATE  many  facts  about  our  state  that  few citizens  know.

I  will  send  the  puzzles  one  at  a  time.

Thank  you,

Dwayne  Ellis, Retired  English teacher from  Hardin County Schools, Elizabethtown,  KY, 270-737-6301  

Dwayne Ellis,  575 Dogwood Lane,  Elizabethtown, KY  42701


Again you are invited to publish both of these crosswords AT NO COST and then contact Dwayne if you want to continue using his Kentucky-based crosswords. The cost will be $12 per month or $120 per year.





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