stories now come with ‘Listen to This Article’ option

From Peter Baniak, General Manager/Editor, Lexington Herald-Leader,

Listen up! No really.

Peter Baniak

Starting at the end of April, all 30 McClatchy markets, including with the Lexington Herald-Leader, introduced an audio version of every online article.

This is the link readers see on for the option to listen to the story.

You can listen to the news stories while browsing on your desktop, and if you’re reading from a mobile device, you can even close your screen and the audio will still play – meaning you can exercise, cook, do a crossword puzzle or anything else you desire, and still get your latest local news updates.

You’ll find the audio player at the top of every story.

Earlier this year, McClatchy partnered with Trinity Audio to test this feature on The Sacramento Bee and The News & Observer in Raleigh, North Carolina, before rolling it out to the rest of our newsrooms. Readers who used the audio player during these tests offered us overwhelmingly positive feedback.

“At a time when consumption of digital audio is stronger than ever, we’re excited to roll out this new audio feature to our customers to enhance their news experience and give them the ability to listen to local journalism where and when they want it,” says Jessica Gilbert, McClatchy’s senior director of product and experience.

The audio player will not replace any of the existing podcasts or the daily briefings some of the newsrooms offer through Alexa and Google smart speakers. Peter added he hopes readers, er listeners, enjoy this new way to engage with the news that matters to you most.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, we’re all ears.

Happy listening.

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