Kentucky Kernel remains a weekly; Eastern Progress adapting with online and monthly print

From Tricia Kelley, Eastern Progress Media Network Adviser, Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association Chair

We no longer have a student directory at EKU, and we’re currently just hoping people subscribe from our website.
Like the Herald, The Progress has decided to print monthly. Our papers will be longer, but content will revolve around a theme and be more feature and enterprise type stories. We’ll continue our best to update the website from day to day. We have our section editors working certain days to cover any news that happens that day and make sure there’s at least one fresh piece of content on the web. The bar is low right now, but I feel like we’re still just trying to get by. But I also agree with Chuck – the pandemic forced my students to approach the news differently. Since I came on as adviser in the fall of 2017, I’ve been telling my students to publish for the web first. I always say “we’re an online daily.” Before March 2020, my students would save stories for days to put in the print edition. I didn’t quite understand it. Now they’ve been forced to adapt to digital storytelling first, print second.
Our first paper, which came out last week, was a back-to-school issue. Our next print issue will preview homecoming, as long as there’s still something to preview at that point beyond just a game. Right now the university is planning for in-person events the first weekend of October. We’ll see where we’re at at that point.

From Ryan Craig, Student Media Adviser/Kentucky Kernel, University of Kentucky
We are still weekly, but it is a struggle. We may be the only one left that is weekly.

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