Kentucky News Group launches Rowan County News to fill a void on public notices

Some two weeks ago, CNHI shut down four of its northeast Kentucky weeklies, including the Morehead News. The News has been an award-winning newspaper and was located on the edge of Morehead State University campus

The Morehead News, being the only newspaper published in Rowan County, was the publication for all public agencies in Rowan County for public notices. The loss left a void for those public agencies on where to publish their notices.

The void was short-lived as Thursday Kentucky News Group launched the Rowan County News.

Melissa Mitchell, publisher of Kentucky News Group, has already applied to be an Associate Member Newspaper of KPA, joining the Rowan County News with her other newspapers — Bath County New-Outlook, Flemingsburg Gazette, Carlisle Mercury, Robertson County Mercury and the Menifee County News. She has also started the paperwork for a Periodicals Class Mailing for the Rowan County News.

A Periodicals Class Mailing Permit is required for a newspaper to be eligible for public notice ads for all local public agencies.

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