Kevin Slimp makes his predictions for 2021

Kevin makes his predictions for 2021 and you can see his entire column here:

At the end, Kevin wraps up his column looking back at the last 10 months with COVID-19 so prevalent:

Kevin Slimp

“To sum up the past 10 months, I’d say it’s no accident most newspapers are alive and kicking, even if they aren’t all thriving, as we begin 2021. I’m not sure my (or anyone else’s)speaking business will ever go back to 100 (or even 20) or more cities per year. I doubt my company’s book sales for all of 2021 will match sales in January and February 2020. I’m willing to bet, however, that the work we’ve done to provide services during this extraordinarily uncommon year will pay off in the years to come.I’m proud to be associated with community newspapers.”

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