Kevin Slimp needs your help with his latest survey on digital platforms

Kevin Slimp is taking on a new survey idea and needs your help. The responses will be kept confidential but I would imagine Kevin will share the results with all state press associations and we’ll pass along his findings through On Second Thought. Take just a few seconds to read his note below and then access the survey monkey with the link we’ve provided. It won’t take long to complete the survey and ensure some responses from Kentucky for Kevin’s survey.

Thanx in advance.

I am preparing to meet with the Texas Center for Community Journalism at Texas Christian University in December to discuss the success or lack of success of various digital strategies among newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada. I’m asking newspapers throughout both countries to answer a few questions that will be shared during this session, as well as the industry at large through columns in press association publications and other venues. The names of respondents will be kept confidential and not shared without specific permission.

Thank you,

Kevin Slimp
Director, Newspaper Institute
CEO, Newspaper Academy

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