Kevin Slimp says, ‘It’s a must see’ webinar

From Kevin Slimp

We feel so strongly that every community newspaper publisher should have this information that we’ve discounted the price by 70 percent so you can hear and see what Dr. Hatcher has to say concerning what he’s learned from successful community publishers this year and what researchers are saying about the print-digital connection.

$15        50 minutes

Every community newspaper publisher should watch John Hatcher’s video, recorded February 16, 2017, titled “The Print/Digital Conundrum.

No, he’s not going to try to sell you an SEO or other digital product. He’s going to lay out details concerning what community papers have learned about focusing on increasing readership and profits. He will discuss what is working and what isn’t. If you want to hear what is really going on at community papers, this webinar is a must.

John doesn’t have a product to sell, or an ulterior motive.

Watch it by Monday, February 20, to receive a 70 percent discount. Get more information, or register, at:

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