Knight Foundation to release report Sunday on ‘Mapping the Civic Data Universe’ as Sunshine Week begins

Sunshine Week begins Sunday, March 15 and will continue through Saturday, March 21.

We also encourage you to craft your own Sunshine Week editorials, stories, columns, cartoons and graphics.

This is a good time to remind readers about the importance of open government and the role you’ve played in fighting for their right to know.

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On Sunday, the Knight Foundation will release the report “Mapping the Civic Data Universe: Ten Ways to Improve Access to Government Information Through Expanded Interstellar Connections.” It will include a link to an Excel file listing more than 300 organizations in the country with some connection/interest to access to information, including the Kentucky Press Association.

The three ads are at the bottom of this. Please note that the first one is designed for use in a digital way. The other two are for print publication.




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